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Floating Tank Deicer 1500w
The Floating De-Icer will keep a stock tank completely ice-free all winter. The thermostatic control coupled with thermal feedback protects the unit from overheating, and ensures efficient operation.
Recommended for 100-300 gallons of water. The stainless steel heating element is positioned above the thermostat for safey even in low-water conditions. The float is completely enclosed in a rugged, plastic housing and will not sink over time.

Note: Use in a non-metallic tank requires a metal guard to prevent fire danger
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$52.99 / Each
Hen Hydrator Heated 3 gal
This easy to fill Deluxe Heated Hen Hydrator provides access to clean water on demand while keeping it ice-free up to -10F. The translucent bucket was designed to provide UV protection to prevent algae growth and allow for easy viewing of the water level. Convenient twist locking lid is sloped to prevent roosting and make cleaning easy. Thermostatically controlled.
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$71.99 / Each
Poultry Fount Heated  3 gal
Ideal for year round use, this three gallon poultry waterer is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. It keeps water from freezing down to 0° F (-18° C). Easy fill from bottom, it is designed to hang.
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Sinking Tank Deicer 1500w
The sinking tank de-icer operates at the bottom where it is less likely to be disturbed by livestock, protecting both the equipment and animals.
The strong, durable, stainless steel heating element is thermostatically controlled for efficient operation. That thermostatic control coupled with thermal feedback protects the unit from overheating.The thermostat is positioned above the heating element to ensure safety in low-water conditions.
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$74.99 / Each
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