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Udderly EZ for Sheep

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Udderly EZ Milker for Sheep, Horse or Goats
The Udderly EZ milker is operated by a vacuum pump; therefore requiring no batteries or electricity.
Comes complete with pump, bottles, extraction tubes an inserts. It is a hand-held, trigger-operated vacuum pump that attaches to t he a flanged plastic cylinder.
Once placed on the teat, you simply pump three to five times to create a vacuum adn the milk will start to flow into the container.
Adaptable to use on a large variety of animals for the collection of milk and colostrum, as well as a treatment method for mastitis and reducing the need to buy expensive dry milk replacer.
The Udderly EZ ™ Sheep, Pygmy & Exotic Milker #EZ004 is the safest and most effective hand held, trigger-operated vacuum pump available. Ideal for the collection of colostrum and the milking of Ewes for extra milk to feed triplets or until you can draft a lamb onto another ewe.
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