Miraco 6100 Big Spring

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BigSpring 6100
Miraco’s BigSpring 6100 has a 60-gallon capacity.
New bottom drain feature helps the BigSpring 6100 drain fast and completely.
Stainless steel anchor bolts included.
For cleaner water, neck rail required to prevent cattle from standing in the water.
• Flat back design fits flush with wall
• Center between stalls or place one on each end of single stalls
• Curved front for full, easy access – no wasted space
• Pour foundation with a curve for easier cleaning
• No wrenches required for valve compartment access
• Rubber gasket for air-tight dome seal
• Stainless steel anchor bolts included
CAPACITY: 110 head dairy
GALLON: 60 (227 liters)
LENGTH: 80” (203 cm)
WIDTH: 36” (91 cm)
DRINKING HEIGHT: 24” (61 cm)
WEIGHT: 205 pounds (93 kg)
HEAT: 500 watt heater (optional)
(110 or 220 volt)

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