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Callicrate PRO Bands

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INSTALLATION OF LOOP. Install loop on nose of bander and hook the strap to pull tab. Apply just enough tension to pull the loop up against the nose of tool, but not through it.

LOOP PLACEMENT. The loop should be placed just above the top of the testicles (approximately 1 inch or 25mm) and as far away from the belly as possible. Rotating bander and twisting the loop will cause loop failure.

PROPER TIGHTNESS. Tighten the loop to the tension indicator line. Over tightening reduces loop elasticity and causes breakage. Pulling on bander while tensioning can cause the retention clip to come off the bander nose – work back on with your fingers.

CUT LOOP CLOSE TO THE SPOOL. Cutting the loop too far from the tension spool can cause the loop ends to slip through the clip without being captured and locked.

TETANUS TOXOID VACCINE. Proper immunization controls tetanus risk associated with castration. Tetanus Toxoid must be given. Read and follow the vaccine instructions. Contact your veterinarian for further information.

SAFETY. Always wear SAFETY GLASSES when using the PRO Bander™. Always use the Callicrate Cutter™ included in the kit to cut the tensioned loop. NEVER use a scalpel or pocket knife.

STORAGE. Heat, ultraviolet rays, and ozone are the most common sources for degradation of the loops. Store PRO Loops™ i
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