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Ritchie Clip On Thermostat
Easily adjust the temperature of your heating elements by moving further away or closer to the center of heating element.
Available Stock: 4
$34.00 / Each
Ritchie Cover A3379
The replacement valve chamber cover for the 1AC and 2AC metal units.

9-5/8” x 8-1/8”
Available Stock: 1
$56.99 / Each
Ritchie Drain Plug
Drain plugs are designed to seal the trough at the drain pipe location and for removal for easy cleaning. Made of black rubber material.
Available Stock: 6
$5.29 / Each
Ritchie Drain Plug #3 Yellow #18470
Designed to fit snug in the Ritchie WaterMatic, WaterMaster and Classic Equine by Ritchie AutoFount line of automatic waterers using top of the line features and materials for long life. Insert plug from the inside to ensure proper placement and a tight seal.
Available Stock: 5
$34.99 / Each
Ritchie Float W/4 3/4 Long Arms
Regulate and easily adjust your automatic waterer level using the Ritchie float. Standard float that is used in the smaller OmniFount waterers and steel Stall Fount waterers.
Available Stock: 4
$19.99 / Each
Ritchie Float with Hardware Pkg 8.2
Maintain the water level in your larger Ritchie automatic waterer. Easily adjust the water level using by loosening and tightening the wing nut. Standard float that is used in all larger waterer series.
Available Stock: 6
$33.00 / Each
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