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Post Insulated Line 47"

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$13.99 / Each
A tailor-made, fully insulated line post for low cost, low maintenance permanent electric fencing for sheep, cattle, deer and horses
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•Easy to transport - Light, smooth and compact
•Long life - High quality materials ensure a long life. A UV protected polyethylene sheath protects fibreglass from UV damage
•High strength clips - Glass filled nylon “snap-on” clips form a reliable connection with 200kg holding force – typically twice as strong as most conventional wood or steel post insulator systems. Insulator Line Post Clips (G744) sold separately
•Flexible posts - The strong yet flexible solid fibreglass core enables the post to flex when the fence is impacted, preventing broken or bent posts, and minimising animal injury
•Multiple configurable wire heights - Pre-formed wire attachment locations enable many different fence configuration
•Fast and simple install - The composite post can be easily installed with a hand rammer. Wires simply clip onto the post, making it significantly faster than stapling or pinning on traditional post insulator systems
•Strong ground anchoring - The multi-flanged foot design ensures strong ground anchoring, reducing the likelihood of post heave or post misalignment over time
•Note: Post height measured from ground.