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Handheld Reader HR4

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More than just an EID tag reader, the HR4 also records animal data such as breed, sex, condition score and pregnancy status, and shows history, enabling immediate stock management decisions in the yard.

Large easy to read LCD clearly shows (even in bright sunlight) visual and EID tag numbers to confirm the correct animal's information Collect data, using pre-defined traits

Choose multiple traits to record against each animal such as breed, sex, condition score and pregnancy status

Make drafting decisions in the yard. Pre-defined sort groups are assigned a colour to quickly identify the animal you are looking for
View animal history - see past traits, activities and life data previously recorded against that EID number

Fast and continuous reading. Read multiple tags in quick succession with one trigger click – no need to repeatedly click the trigger between reads

Easy immediate tag read feedback with a vibrating handle, loud beeper and super bright LED at end of snout

Award winning ergonomic design comfortable for long usage times, reduces risk of trapping hand or arm in animal handlers and simple trigger action for each read

Transfer and analyze data easily USB cable connects to a PC to transfer data to Animal Performance Software (included), for easy data management and uploading

Easily connect via Bluetooth to other devices
Cables included for PC connection and to charge in the car
Compatible with all brands of weigh scales Animal Performance Software (APS) included
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