Why TSi?

Using a TSi and Electronic Identification (EID) greatly simplifies accurate livestock performance recording and analysis.  Coupled with an EID reader, the TSi records animal lD numbers and live weights quickly and efficiently and prevents incomplete or inaccurate records by removing human error. With its touch screen technology, the TSi brings comprehensive livestock recording capability to all farmers of all generations.  Complete animal history is also easily accessed, anywhere at any time and your overall time and effort in the yard is dramatically reduced.

The TSi brings critical data recording and analysis capability to all types of livestock farmers. Whether it be strict data recording for stud records, management of inventories, carrying capacity and weight gain progress, or recording performance of mobs on different feed regimes, the TSi is a livestock management tool that can help you to revolutionise the way you make decisions on farm.


  • Designed for use by regular farmers – simple to use
  • Tough farm ready design for the farm environment
  • Accurate livestock inventory reporting - understand exactly how many animals are 'on' or 'off' farm
  • Stock availability reporting - predict the number of animals within a desired weight range at a given date
  • Fast and accurate data recording
  • Management withholding periods and treatment reminders
  • Animal information available in yards
  • Manage performance of animal groups
  • Automate drafting activities
  • Import and export of animal data
  • Simple backup for securing data
  • Speech function announces information as it is recorded.


  • Accurately track stock on-hand by weight and/or stock class (inventory)
  • Carefully select which animals to sell for best return
  • Analyse performance of individual and groups of animals
  • Manage animal health
  • Assess performance of new practices (crops, drenches, fertiliser etc)
  • Track stock progress in order to make feeding, buying/selling decisions
  • Record paddock/crop production/fertiliser history etc
  • Record other farm assets such as vehicles etc.

Stud Breeder

If you have recorded  animals registered with a breed society and require detailed history recording  to establish EBV (Estimated Breeding Values) for animals to determine their  value, find out how stud breeders can benefit from using  the TSi.

Contract Grazier

If you graze heifers and other stock classes on behalf  of their owner,  find out how contract graziers can  benefit from using the TSi.

Dairy Farmer

If you run dairy  cows to produce milk and milk products, with replacement heifer production and occasional  beef production, find out how dairy farmers can benefit from  using the TSi.

Commercial Finisher

If you buy animals that are partly grown and finish them to slaughter, find out how commercial finishers can benefit from using the TSi.

Commercial Breeder

If you run cows or ewes for young stock production, find out how commercial  breeders can benefit from using the TSi.

General Farming

There are a number of other applications for the TSi around the farm, including paddock  management, crop recording, monitoring vehicle records etc. Find out some of the general farm uses for the TSi around the farm.