Case Studies

Ben Gordon
Manages dairy support for Wairarapa Moana Incorporated Farms' Sheep & Beef Unit (Mangakino, New Zealand)

The TSi helps Ben and his team with their main focus of meeting livestock objectives and targets raising quality young dairy animals for eighteen months before returning back to the dairy units for calving. Read More

Bryan Aldridge
Manages operations for grazing company GrazCare (Te Awamutu, New Zealand)

The TSi has made heifer weighing much simpler and more accurate for company GrazCare, who currently monitors about 4000 dairy heifers, 4000 weaners and 300 carry-over cows. Read More

Craig Wilson
Runs Craig Wilson Livestock, a fully independent sheep consultancy and classing business (Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia)

Gallagher's TSi allows a leading Merino genetic consultant to run the largest wether trials in Australia - on top of his normal client needs. Plus, its efficiency saves him around $200 a day in labour costs. Read More

Diccon Curry

Runs beef cattle operation (David, Chiriquí, Panama)

Good detective work using information provided by a TSi system helped Panamanian farmer Diccon Curry successfully resolve a much publicised cattle rustling case. Read More

Jock Menzies
Turns off 75 head of cattle a fortnight to Woolworths ("Conningdale", Armidale, NSW, Australia)

Using a TSi from Gallagher has meant the Menzies family's beef operation can meet the exact specifications for Woolworths. Read More

Kelly Brittain
Manages a registered Angus stud (Storth Oaks Angus Stud, Otorohanga, New Zealand)

A TSi system has made a massive difference to the efficiency of livestock weighing and recording on Storth Oaks Angus Stud. Read More

Michael Moore
Runs 2,000 Merinos, 800 Brahman-based breeder cattle and some goats ("Aberfeldy", Tenterfield, NSW, Australia)

This sheep-beef business needed strong, yet cost-effective fencing over a large area. It also required an animal-records system that would meet exact market specifications and improve profitability. The Moores got both from Gallagher Animal Management. Read More

Rob and Hanna O'Connor
Run a large superfine wool operation producing 300 bales a year ("Benham", Avoca, Fingal Valley, Tasmania)

The O'Connor's property has been in the family since the early 1800s. They and their staff say getting in on EID during the early stages was a good decision - and now they can't see themselves running sheep or cattle without the new system. Read More

Russell Profitt
Runs a stud stock and commercial sheep and beef operation (King Country, New Zealand)

A TSi system has helped King Country farmers Russell and Mavis Proffit simplify the management of their stud stock and commercial sheep and beef operation. Read More

Warren Russell
Runs 2,500 Merinos, including 600 stud ewes ("Melrose", south of Horsham, VIC, Australia)

Running a large Merino stud south of Horsham, the Russell family finds Gallagher hardware and software crucial in animal management. Read More

Wayne Barker
Finishes 1000 pigs a year (Southland, New Zealand)

Pig farming is tough enough at the best of times but harder still for blind farmer Wayne Barker. However, Wayne installed a new TSi system in his piggery which has made a huge difference to the accuracy and efficiency of pig drafting. Read More